Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Competition is the American way

A needle match

On Monday Conductive Education Information drew attention to the Conductive Education Communications Center, to be up and running any day now. Following up the link, one reads:

After numerous conversations, telephone calls and correspondence with Conductive Education professionals, it became increasingly evident that there was the need for an online destination to aggregate critical information on Conductive Education. The Conductive Education Communications Center at intends to be that destination.

This morning I read in ACENA news 2009 that ACENA‘s totally renovated website will be up and running any day now:

We are continuing to add new and unique features to enable this website to become thwe dominant website for info on CE in North America, and the rest of the world.

Time was when there was not information enough about Conductive Education anywhere. Now, two information sources announced from the same country, in the same month!

Nothing sharpens up a sector like competition does. At the very least, it might be fun and instructive to watch, wherever you are.

Tally ho!

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