Sunday, 18 October 2009

Facebook and Twitter

Conductive Education and social networking

Conductive World

Conductive World is on Facebook and Twitter.

This prompts a very brief and informal survey of Conductive Education and social networking, as seen largely through the pages of Facebook and Twitter, and predominantly in the English language, its ad hoc nature justified only by there apparently having been no similar eview.

To find Conductive World:

Conductive Education

There’s quite a lot else on Conductive Education on these two sites, mostly on Facebook.

  • Search both sites for “Conductive Education”.

You will find a little on Twellow too, but not much. The world of Conductive Education, with notable exceptions, remains poor at advertising itself:


A lot of conductors are on Facebook:

  • living and working all around the world
  • mainly but not exclusively conductors on Facebook in their first three of four years of practice
  • there are older ones too, of course, but the grey effect has yet to emerge
  • most postings are personal, social or recreational
  • there is little use of social networking for exploring ‘professionals’ or technical topics yet
  • most of those posting are Hungarian


There are also various Facebook ‘groups’ related to Conductive Education:

  • individual centres’ pages tend to be aimed at their own fundraising or other supporters
  • so far, there is one general ‘movement’ or cause (Friends of Australian Conductive Education)

There may be others missed here. Please tell

Facebook’s other facilities

  • mailing seems widely utilised
  • other functions available do not seem to have been taken up (please correct me if I am wrong)

Either way, suggestions please. You tell me.

Using social networking sites

Other than personal, social and recreation postings, a few tendencies are now apparent:


  • Conductive World announces all its postings on Facebook and Twitter, as they appear.
  • Conductive World, Paces and American Conductor do the same on Twitter
  • Conductor, Judit Szathmary and others also do from time to time
  • In addition, there some bloggers (not just the above) drop an occasional musing or other remark on to Twitter.


Only ACCDAT posts regularly, on Twitter


Jobs have been announced/advertised in very small numbers on both Facebook and Twitter.

Other social network sites

Facebook and Twitter are but two.

There are plenty of other English language social-networking systems. What else is going on out there, in English and other languages? The Hungarian social-networking site is widely used by Hungarian conductors around the world. What is there in German, French, Russian, Portuguese…?

Again, you tell me.

What else could be done?

Yesterday Norman Perrin, wrote as part of a discussion on a posting on his blog on the use of the Internet :

…I am an advocate for… actively grasping the opportunities for conductive education (whether its sharing of knowledge or campaigning, for instance)… How might the promoters and organisers of that event utilise social networking (Web2.0, call it what you like) to enhance the experience of the event [forthcoming World Congress]? I don't at the moment know. - I'm not that "clever", but I know one or two people who are and I shall also search the internet for possible answers.

I do hope that Norman and other people in the know might come up with some practical suggestions (my measure of whether things are ‘practical’ being that even I can work them).

Never mind 'clever people'. If the Internet really is an end-user technology it will be people out there, in the field, you maybe, who will bend this medium to the uses that may be of the graetest benefit to the rest of us. So get fiddling. And let us know what you come up with.

This has really been a most ad hoc survey. Corrections, elaborations and above all, at this stage, further infomation of what is going on, would be very welcome.


  1. Also a Yahoo group for CE parents:

    There are 62 members, mostly parents, and mostly from Conductive Learning Center, Grand Rapids, MI. There are a couple of conductors as members, parents from other geographical areas and CE centers, and other professionals.

    It is utilised frequently. Most recent postings relating to: CLC fundraiser, yoga for special needs children, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, switch adapted toys. New postings are sent directly to my email.

  2. Hey,

    well I do use Facebook fairly frequently especially to stay in touch with my friend all over the world. However, I have also used it to have a conversation one way or the other about CE or CE related topics. I have been offered a job via facebook, have been talking with my old boss about being my reference and had a rather longer facebook exchange with a friend (who was a Ce assistent and now includes Ce in her studies to become a specail needs teacher in Germany), trying to answer different questions like who can benifit from CE and what sense RI makes for children with dysarthria.

    I like your reminders about what you have been writing at you blog as it has been way to busy lately to check your blog regularly.

    I do use / for staying in touch with my german friends(german Facebook), havent however found a CE group yet, guess I will have to start one...


  3. Do you think that major CE questions can be attempted through this networking?

  4. Anon,

    surely questions can be asked anywhere.

    As for answers, I think those we need to find for ourselves.

    Other people's opinions, now they are nice to hear and learn from. It is nice when they crop up on my blog and on Andrew's. I see no reason why they won't crop up on other networking sites.


    please let me know when you get that CE group started on the German site. I haven't had much luck getting the "German conductive community" interested in the English language sites, and the "Verband" site doesn't attract much activity either.


  5. Major CE questions and social networking: a small question but I cannot manage a small answer, so see the separate blogposting on this at:

    There's a practical demonstration on

    The whole exercise is reported on Facebook (but that is another story!).

  6. I beg to report that Norman Perrin has come up with a very interesting suggestion:

    He directs it towards the VII. World Congress at the end of next year but it would be very good for any other meetings of get-togthers (though it's probably too late to set it up for the Bavarian bash in a couple of weeks' time).

    I wonder what else it could be used for...