Wednesday, 14 October 2009

ICF study

Still recruiting

This morning I received the following email from the ICF study based in British Columbia.

Dear Dr Andrew Sutton,

A brief up date on the ICF-CY CP global expert project: we are still recruiting participants, and we will send out the web link to our survey once the recruitment is completed approximately at the end of November 2009.

We will contact you soon.

Kind regards,
Veronica Schiariti
ICF-CY CP global expert survey project coordinator

I know that others who have written in have heard back too.

We are registered for possible selection, though this does not mean that we will necessarily be picked out to be consulted as ‘experts in cerebral palsy’.

If YOU are a conductive parent/carer or a conductor and if would like to be considered for this study, there seems still a little time in which you can still put yourself forward to take part.

Previous information on this study, plus reservations expressed

Parent/carer or conductor, you will mind information on registering in the above Internet sites, or you can enquire of Veronica Schiariti direct at:

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