Sunday, 25 October 2009

Library listing

On-line catalogue

Quite by chance I have stumbled across the following venerable document on the Internet. It looks incomplete and it is certainly only of academic, historical interest now:

Nevertheless, its URL set me off on an immediate hunt to see what else might be up there from the same source.

The source is the Library of the Hong Kong Council for Social Services.

Gill Maguire had shown me HKSS’s library catalogue when she got a copy a couple of years or so back. It is always interesting know where there are collections, and the sort of holdings that they keep, so maybe others in the world of Conductive Education might welcome a peep.

The library catalogue can be found at:

A quick, easy overview will be gained there by entering “Conductive Education” into the Search box that you will find on that page.

I could not find the PDF that had first attracted my attention to the library’s site. Maybe there are also other documents from the same source up there.

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