Saturday, 10 October 2009


Let us not forget

Mária Hári, A Doktornő, ‘The Doctor’, died on 6 October 2001.


  1. Thank You…Andrew for drawing the Conductive World’s attention to this date. It is a date, which still have a great effect on many of us, and had a definite affect on the world of Conductive Education at large and how it has been shaped since. I sincerely hope that by remembering her, as we knew her, reminds us why we are here and reminds us of the commitment to the ethos, which was planted by Petö and carried forward by her.
    I hope that you don’t mind me being a little bit personal and let your readers know what this reminded me also.
    We both (you and me) were invited to the Houses of Parliament for the celebration of Dr Marion Fang’s Honorary Conductor Status. I didn’t know that you would be there. After the event we shared a cup of coffee at Waterloo Station where we had to depart to different locations to get back home.
    We were chatting and laughing and talking about some serious stuff, when you asked me… Do you want to talk to her? You meant Dr Hári. She was dying and she was in a lot of pain.
    I sad yes I would love to. We went to find a telephone booth… you dialled and started talking to her.
    I have never heard you talking that way; you were so gentle, kind and affectionate. I will never forget that…
    Then you handed the phone to me… and I was swallowing my tears. I sad hello… Doktornő… can you remember me? Her answer was the best message I have ever dreamed of receive from her.
    We both left Waterloo Station with lumps in our throat.
    Thank You!

  2. I am sorry about the grammatical mistakes in my previous comment. I published a song on my blog on the 6th October…some might find it of interest to read and to listen to.