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Seventh World Congress coming into view

It is just a little more than a year now till the 7th World Congress on Conductive Education, to be held in Hong Kong at the beginning of December 2010. SAHK, the host organisation, has just published a new and upgraded English-language congress website:


The 'call for abstracts' gives considerable structured help for submission, particularly important at this Congress as SAHK is undertaking to post all accepted abstracts on line following the Congress, for all the world to see.

The thoughts of Conductive Education will be open to the critical scrutiny of the academic/professional community, and to the just-as-critical questioning of would-be users/buyers of its services.
SAHK is not so unmannerly as to say so but all this implies that authors will have to be ready with a proper written paper to supply to anyone who then writes in to request one, as is appropriate behaviour for participants in international conferences ('spoken to' Powerpoint slides do not suffice).

Supporting organisations

A list of the Congress's 'Supporting organisations' makes for interesting reading. Those considering the future of Conductive Education, perhaps conductors particularly, might be interested to see how a whole new world of Conductive Education is developing without employing conductors.

Congress blog

The page is there but not yet working.

Lots already done. Over to you

SAHK has produced a comprehensive website for the Congress, containing much more information that summarised above. Now is the time for would-be presenters to get their skates on, find the money to go, and work out what they are going to say if they do (final submission date: 30 April).

It is fair to guess, however, that for the immediate future most folk will be increasingly caught up with Christmas and the New Year, with little attention left to preparing for conference-going. That leaves some four months to get everything sorted.

Good luck...

Congress website (English)

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