Monday, 23 November 2009

The expanding universe of the CE blogosphere

Updated listing, for the time being

Two of these 20 blogs come from a single source, all the others being their writers' only blogs. There are currently therefore 19 CE bloggers.

Two of these 20 have in the past ceased publication, then subsequently came back on line. A couple of others have vanished altogether and have not been considered further.


One of the 20 is incorporated within a wider site. Te remaining 19 are stand-alone blogs, provided as follows:
  • blogger 16 (including four that have assumed own-domain identities)
  • canalblog 1
  • over-blog 1
  • typepad 1

Mention ought also be made of two other site blogs, both very new and neither as yet functioning as a blog:

There are possibly other site blogs, not identified here, buried in the sites of CE centers. Information about any of these that are active would be most welcome.


Of these 20 blogs 19 are monoglot. One is bilingual, being published predominantly in English but with some of its postings in Hungarian. The 19 monoglot blogs are published in four languages:

  • English 13
  • French 4
  • Hungarian 1
  • Portuguese 1


These 20 blogs have 19 authors. In one case authorship is corporate, in the remaining 18 the blogs are witten by individuals:

  • parents of children with motor disorders 8
  • conductors 8
  • other individuals 2
  • national association 1

The parent-bloggers

All the parent bloggers are active in creating or planning to creat CE services

The other individuals

Both retired, British, living in England 2

The National Association

In France

Conductor-bloggers, by nationality, training and present location

  • American, trained at Aquinas, working in US 1
  • British, trained at NICE, working in Brazil 1
  • British, trained at NICE, working in England 2
  • British, trained at the Pető Institute, working in Germany 1
  • Hungarian, trained at the Pető Institute, working in England 2
  • Hungarian, trained at the Pető Institute, working in Hungary 1

Listing CE blogs on Conductive World

For the time being all 20 blogs identified above will continue to be posted automatically in the left-hand column of Conductive World, as soon as they appear (at least, as soon as Google can manage it), under the heading CE BLOGOSPHERE

A simple summary listing (URLs only) will also be maintained:

Criterion for inclusion

This question has yet to be satisfactorily resolved. For the moment inclusion will continue under the single, subjectively applid criterion that include all blogs that predominantly concern 'Conductive Education'. Blogs for which CE is not the predeonient purpose are not included.

The growing numbers of CE blogs requires a classificatory tool – and perhaps help to suggest what this might be!

Find your own

You will find alarger number of blogs that make passing reference to Conductive Education by searching thtrough Google blogs:

Note that Google Blogs can seach in languages other than English.

Two recent postings on CE-blogs

Sutton, A. (2009) The expanding universe of the CE blogosphere, Conductive World, 23 November

Sutton, A. (2009) CE-blogging, Conductive World, 22 November

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