Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Parent power rises against official neglect

Sue Corrigan's campaign gathers force down under

Readers of Conductive World may recall the powerful article by Sue O'Reilly (Corrigan) here on 12 April:

Sue had published a much longer feature in The Weekend Australian Magazine a couple of weeks before. Since then she has been stirring up a political hornets net in Australia. Her magazine article is as good a statement as you'll get, anywhere, of how a rich, developed society can allow the problems of disabled children and adults, and their parents/carers, to drift on year after year, out of sight and out of mind. There's nothing particularly Australian about what she describes, other developed countries could hold their hands up to services just as bad (not that they will of course!).

A new organisation has been formed, called Fighting Chance, and for the moment, she writes, it all feels a bit of a Prague Spring.

Sue was a parent-pioneer for CE in the United Kingdom. CE features in her article, implicitly as well as explicitly. Now that she is back in Australia, and a carer-activist, she has not abandoned Conductive Education.

Look out for more tough action on this front too.

Meanwhile, see what a furious, fighting parent can achieve:

This wbsitesite is only partially finished but the world has more pressing priorities than websites!

When parents fought tooth and nail for CE in the UK, then things moved, but they haven't shifted much (forward) since.


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  1. Fighting indeed - but what a pity that CE is listed under "Therapy" and not "Education".

    Why do we continue to shoot ourselves in the foot?