Friday, 13 November 2009

She's back

I wish that I were!

After nine months away conductor Beckie Featherstone is well and truly back in the Conductive Education blogosphere.

See her at:

Which is more than I can say for myself, lost as I continue to be in an ever-more-confusing Kaftaesque maze of problems with the mechanics of this blog (for which I blame Blogger) and dongle problems (for which I blame Orange). Actually, of course, as usually happens when a lone individual is confounded by mighty corporate entities, I end up beginning to blame myself.

Yes, I know about the funny messages that are beginning to creep into this blog (not mine) and I know about the backlog of postings yet to be made here (and elsewhere), and the emails still awaiting a reply, all to be resolved, I promise.

Hardly a Stakhanovite performance at the moment. Thank you for your patience and, if you wish to nag and complain, that's nice in a sort of way too!


  1. Andrew, don't worry I expect all your fans are waiting patiently in the wings preparing to read the mass of postings that you have stored away ready to post when you have cyberspace sorted.

    Perhaps like me they are using the time to have a breather and perhaps re-read some of the record breaking fifty postings you published in October, a month with only thirty-one days!

    Enjoy your "holiday" but please come back and keep us on our toes soon!
    You are missed, despite a respectable eleven postings for November to date, which is by the way Friday the 13th. Its no wonder the dongle didn't work!