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Spain: Valencia

Job vacancy for another conductor

In July Conductive World wrote of the 'lost world' of Conductive Education.

...the world of Conductive Education, has been guilty of rather ignoring what has been happening in Spain.

This weekend conductor Kornélia Borsós-Szabó writes...

FUVANE (Fundación de la Comunidad Valenciana para la Neurorehabilitación) Conductive Education Centre was established and opened on 23 April 2004 by fundraisers who were all parents with handicapped children:

They opened an institute for children who are suffering with cerebral palsy and live in the Valencia community.

At first the founders employed Spanish conductors who had qualified at the University of Navarra and in the Pető Institute. Because of the large numbers of children they also employed Hungarian conductors through Moira for short terms.

The centre is independent and now runs with five Spanish conductors, and three Hungarian conductor-teachers, one physiotherapist and one volunteer speech therapist. During the summer camps the centre also employs private and/or Moira conductors, because there are more children than during the rest of the year. The foundation is able to give conductive session for more than 200 children per year. Eight rooms with adapted bathrooms are available for carrying out sessions.

Fuvane provides free Conductive Education services for children up to the age of 18 years.

The centre offers morning (three or three-and-a-half hours), afternoon (three-and-a-half hours) and full-day groups (five-and-a-half:30 hours), for short term (one to three months) and long term (minimum one year). The services include parent-and-child groups, nursery-age groups, school-age groups, mobility groups and teenage groups. The sessions are designed to encourage development of physical independence, social and communication skills, as well as teaching life skills.

The parents with their children get to know the centre through an assessment. Then they have opportunity for individual consultations and parent meetings.

The centre has contracted a neurologist and an orthopaedist who evaluate the children at the beginning and the end of each month and consult with the conductors. Fuvane is trying to expand, that is why we are interested in multidisciplinary such as hydro- and hippotherapy, and to employ a speech therapist in the long long term.

For the future, the local government has offered to build a new building within two years! We would like the new building to include more rooms, a sensory room, a swimming pool and a garden with an adapted play ground.

Another conductor wanted

Fuvane Conductive Education Centre in Valencia is looking for a conductor to cover a maternity leave for a seven-month period, starting in January 2010. This conductor should be confident in both written and spoken English and either know Spanish or be willing to learn. For further information on this job write as soon as possible to:

Meanwhile in Pamplona...

In a week's time there will be a conference in Paris at which a presentation by Maria Belzunce might shed some light on developments in Pamplona: 'Principles of Pető’s method. Particular rules applied at ASPACE-NAVARRA'. (some introductory information on this was given in a previous item on Spain, in July).

Fuvane's website

Previous item on Spain

Sutton, A, (2009) Spain: a lost world. Time to rediscover it, Conductive World, 21 July

Conference in Paris

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