Thursday, 26 November 2009

A tiny bit of help for the French

Tax concession boosts much-needed donations

The CE-blog À petit pas has announced that, since 1 October, motor-disordered children have been recognised by the French tax authority as being 'of general interest'.

This means that for every €100 euros directed to organisations such as À petit pas, donors will be able to recuperate €60 euros in the form of tax credit.

The cost of CE in France (where it is of course EC) is born entirely by families and through fundraising. Notwithstanding, there is now a scattering of tiny family-founded projects securing with remarkable frugality the services of conductors. À petit pas is one of those that blogs, see left-hand column of this page.

– (2009) EHM reconnue d'intérêt générale!! À petit pas, 25 November

By the way, I have just noticed that my computer has no symbol that I can find for €. It does however provide ¥. Could it be trying to tell me something?

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