Tuesday, 29 December 2009

6th Annual ACENA Conference

More information. More 'hands-on'

6th Annual ACENA Conference
26-27 August 2010
Toronto, Ontario
Association for Conductive Education in North America
March of Dimes Canada

'The Host Committee is very pleased to offer a forum for showcasing research, best practices, trends and specific issues related to the practice of Conductive Education for children and adults in North America.

'The 2010 conference program will deliver important and dynamic information, as well as offer an excellent networking opportunity to all delegates. Conductors, program-administrators, physicians, rehabilitation professionals, consumers, parents/families, policy-makers and board members alike will find topics of relevance.

'The presentations and discussions cover a breadth of topics related to Conductive Education including program practice, research, rehabilitative interventions and technology, family engagement, transitions, community partnerships and capacity-building; government policy and relations, policies and procedures, leadership and board-governance.

'We plan practical hands-on sessions as well as theoretical presentations.

A trade show and reception will also be available.

'We encourage you to make the 2010 ACENA Conference your priority, to come and be inspired by the collective and collaborative contribution to the lives of the thousands of consumers served by Conductive Education centers in North America.'

This is a broad and impressive programme. It is very much to be hoped that it will produce some written matter to bolster the tiny North American CE 'literature'.

In the meantime no doubt there will be further information about 'the thousands of consumers served by Conductive Education centers in North America', and what precisely will be done in 'hands-on sessions'.

There is an interesting paradox here, or is it a contradiction? On the one hand, 'thousands of consumers' publicly proclaimed in North America: on the other, virtually no indigenous technical academic-professional literature. Not a comfortable situation in any country in the modern world... but in the United States? Quite a responsibility.

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