Thursday, 3 December 2009

Another new German book...

On konduktive Förderung

Both Gill Maguire and László Szögeczki have posted notifications of a book just published in German.

The book, by special educator Sandra Swarzenbacher, concerns konduktive Förderung, which is an expression sometimes used to indicate practices that involve conductors, and sometimes practices that do not (there are mixed conditions too).

I think that this is the second konduktive Förderung book to be published this year (correct me if I am wrong). At the moment 2009 awaits its first book in English.

Further details are available on both Gill's and László's postings. I have commented critically on both:

Swarzenbacher, S. (2009) Konduktiv mehrfach-therapeutische Förderung nach Petö und Keil: Theorie – Praxis – Effektivität
(German Edition)

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