Thursday, 17 December 2009

Big step for spina bifida and CE

US taking lead outside Hungary

Spina Bifida and Conductive Education
Two-day workshop

Conductive Learning Center
Grand Rapids

18-19 March 2010

Fee $200
(including snacks and lunch throughout)

Closing date to apply
January 10th, 2010

Use it or lose it

This is the first such event outside Hungary in twenty-odd years of the internationalisation of Conductive Education. The event will go ahead only if at least five participants register.

The United States is a very 'young' CE country, even by the standards of the international Conductive Education movement. It has stolen a march with this workshop, and the 'older' CE countries should look to their laurels and try to follow suit..

The game is surely afoot to develop new practices for working with children with spina bifida, now that such work is reportedly no longer provided on a whole-group model back in Budapest.

Of course, if such developments do not occur, Conductive Education for spina bifida may remain around the world marginal and inconsequential.

The event in Grand Rapids could not be more timely. Use it – or lose it.

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