Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Boostcamp's answer to long-standing problem

Something new from the United States

This is an email group for parents of children attending Boost Camp, a Conductive Education camp for physically disabled children in Sonoma County. All members can upload photos to the group's album. We can also use the poll section to take votes on boost camp issues.

Is this the obvious answer to the problem of parents’ maintaining something conductive that contibutes meaningfully to family upbring in the periods between 'camps', ‘blocks’, ‘interval Conductive Education’, and all sorts of other short-term arrangements?

Is it a potential contribution to conductive upbringing?

If so, how well does it go, are others also doing it, and should not yet others be trying it out too?

Can anyone put Conductive World in touch with Boostcamp?

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