Wednesday, 16 December 2009

CE in the Maritimes

TV news report on way

Conductor Beth Brydon writes from Canada's sunny Maritime Provinces –

The local news came into our centre yesterday morning and videoed us and three participants. It was meant to be on the news last night but it got bumped. It will be on the news later this weekend or next week.

It is meant to be a 2.5 minute clip and they will let me know when it airs. After it airs it will be uploaded to their website

They did over an hour of footage and then cut it down into 2.5 minutes. I hope that they left in the important stuff!

I hope that you all are well and have happy holidays!

We live in hope, Beth, we live in hope, but thank you for the newsflash. Those of us in the Maritimes can lookout for the local TV newscast on some less busy news day. Don't forget to let the rest of us know when the report finally goes on line.

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