Sunday, 20 December 2009


New, independent publishing house  in the field of Conductive Education

CEP has been created to stimulate publication on and around Conductive Education.  CEP is particularly concerned to encourage accounts of practice: conductive pedagogy, conductive upbringing and the social action to ensure these. It is not an academic publishing house and it is expected that the materials that it will publish will represent a range of genres, including descriptive reports, memoir and analysis.

Call for authors

CEP’s first book, Just do it! was published a week ago and shows something of the potential range of topics and syles of future publication. In this instance the authors all happen to be conductors, though it is intended that future publications will draw from all three major groups involved in the globalisation of Conductive Education:
  • conductors, whatever their current role and at any level of professional development
  • users, whether families/cares or disabled people with direct experience of the system
  • all those ‘others’, often forgotten, with vital involvement in Conductive Education. 
For further information on CEP and Just do it! see:

Just do it!

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