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Towards a real job market

Conductive World Jobs is now open for business

Over the last few months Conductive World has been increasingly requested to post advertisements for Conductive Education jobs. People have been desperate for more Internet access to inform the world of their employment needs.

Advertising jobs is not really Conductive World's role. At the same time it is obvious that the smooth working of the Conductive Education job market has been severely disrupted. This market had depended upon there being ready access to a well-known Internet site that served as an employment exchange. Loss of this facility has been affecting people's lives.

Why should providing for this need be such a problem to organisations within the sector? It requires neither money nor technical know-how to set something up. Four nights ago Conductive World decided to try. It took less than half and hour to establish CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS, cost not a penny and required no technical knowledge greater that may be expected of the average school-leaver.

The result, CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS, depends upon Facebook technology. If it looks cheap and cheery, that is because it is.


From outside Facebook CONDUCTIVE WORLD JOBS can be approached via either of two URLs, whichever you best remember:

Or, from within Facebook, go to Search in the top right-hand corner of the page and start typing:

Conductive World Jobs


Conductive World Jobs provides all employers and employees in Conductive Education with simple and immediate notice, advertisement or announcement of their employment needs. The aim is an effective and transparent employment exchange for the whole world of Conducive Education

This covers both jobs wanted and positions available:
  • families, centres, schools, other institutions
  • conductors seeking a job
  • assistants
  • administration and management
  • fundraising staff
  • researchers
  • student placements
  • full-time jobs and short engagements (camps, sessions etc.)
  • in any country in the world
Advertisements may be written in the language that seems most likely to attract a response.

How to do it

Become a 'fan' and make your own postings:
  • Most younger adults in this sector, be they conductors, disabled young people or parents, seem well aware of how to use Facebook. If some older people do not know, then they will presumably soon learn.
  • Post your advertisement on the Wall.
  • There is no middle man, what you post will be what people see.
  • Your advert will be available instantly.
  • Post your own advertisements in the now familiar Facebook format, filling in the familiar box saying 'What's on your mind?'
  • Keep advertisements short.
  • Include emails and websites (URLs) for further information.
  • Or invite responses via Facebook itself.
What next?

Some people may not like Facebook much but it is certainly FREE and immediate:
  • A large proportion of those who are likely to use this site are already on Facebook, particularly young parents and young conductors, and network extensively.
  • Development of this facility is open to their their collective experience.
  • The Discussions tab permits posting of tips, suggestion, criticisms etc.
  • There are currently two topics open and awaiting response: Salaries and Advertising jobs.
  • If you have a good idea, then share it (in a language of your choice, whichever comes easiest to you).
  • Conductive World will try to improve its Jobs service in response to suggestions and positive criticism but. if someone comes up with a better system, then great. The more the merrier
A brief guide to using CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION JOBS will be published soon

There is a quirky visual symbol lined up for the CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION JOBS. Allow a few days to get it properly photographed...

Perhaps when the world and its economy come back to life after the Christmas break CONDUCTIVE EDUCATION JOBS will help a bit in getting this sector's labour market flowing..

Alternative to this site

It does not hurt to have more than one place to post job adverts and there are currently at least two other Conductive Education job centres in the market place:

Bundesverband der in Deutschland tätigen KonduktorInnen e.V.

Conductive Education Communications Center
Employment Center

Please let Conductive World know of you find others.

Spoiled for choice!

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