Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Hoch, Hoch, Mein Gott

Vot a bloody fine lot *
What are they really up to in Germany?

The answer is a lot, much more than one might expect from just hearing so much about non-conductor training.

Here's a very interesting and full article from the on-line education newspaper, from June of this year. It concerns a Montessori school and, though this is not mentioned in the article, a conductor works there. This integration work was reported at the recent German CE (KF) conference but, as is almost the universal rule in Conductive Eduction, this conference presentation was not published.

We shall see.

*   From a popular British music-hall (vaudeville) song of nearly a century ago.


Merkelbach, V, (2009) Auf dem Weg zur inklusiven Bildung darf die Schulstrukturfrage kein Tabu mehr sein [The school structure may no longer be a taboo question on the way to inclusive education],, 16 June


  1. Andrew, if you are referring to the conference in Nürnberg this information is not quite correct. The integration work mentioned at the CE Congress is not with a Montessori school it is at a state school in Nürnberg:

    The integrated Kindergarten in Nürnberg is a Montessori-Petö Kindergarten and it is children who attended this Kindergarten who are now attending three different mainstream schools in the city.

    Conductors do not, yet, work in the schools but work very closely with the teachers and classroom assistants.

  2. Susie,

    Thank you so much for your firm but gentle correction.

    Mein Gott indeed! Who's a fully paid-up member of Fred Karno's Infantry then!

    It looks like I have given a classic example of 2 + 2 = 5.

    I would like to spread the blame just a little, however. Please, please, please could some at least of the conductors working in Germany (yourself excluded here)put some of their experience into print, in German, English, Hungarian, on paper or electronically.

    PLEASE don't let Germany (and Austria) = just things done by non-conductors.


  3. Andrew,

    As you see from your blog-map, and I see from mine, that not many people in Germany read our blogs, perhaps you could repeat your plea on the Verband's website. You might get more responses there, but then again you might not.

    I have asked a couple of people if I can translate and post their presentations from the recent congress on my blog. Responses were positive and I am waiting to receive them.

    I have also offered to post anythng else conductors want to write about on my blog in case they do not wish to have a site of their own.

    All we can do is wait and see.

  4. Susie,

    That's an excellent suggestion.

    How do I go about it, do you suggest?

    Write to Kristi, or what?