Saturday, 5 December 2009


Just one year to go

The Seventh Conductive Education World Congress will begin on 5 December 2010, a year today..

East will meet West. New will meet old. Conductive Education will meet Conductive Education. What might this all signify for those who might potentially benefit from Conductive Education, and for those who work in this sector?  Perhaps nothing. After all, for most people this will be only a meeting somewhere that most of them  could not afford to attend even should they should want to.

What possible difference can some meeting make to everyday lives and labours? In any direct sense, for most people, probably next to none.

What, though, might such a  big event bring to the surface to cast light upon what is going on in the world of Conductive Education in 2010?  How might future decisions be different because of such light?. And what new deals or new ideas might be struck at chance encounters that would not otherwise have occured?

Perhaps, then, the Hong Kong jamboree might have indirect effects, unplanned and unforseeable? Possibly, though these will be apparent after after the act.

Meanwhile, over the coming year and onwards, beyond the Congress, powerful social, political and above all economic forces will continue to shape the availability and the very nature of whatever might be called Conductive Education, wherever found.

In all this change, 5 December 2010 may prove a most helpful way post, a point to help indiate how far we have come, where we find ouraelves now, and where we are heading off to.

I cannot think that we have any other such.

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