Sunday, 20 December 2009

More 'rewiring'

More neurobabble

Originating from the US but reported in the UK this week:

– (2009) Intense reading program 'rewires' kids' brains, Independent, 13 December

What does it say? It says that if you teach children they learn, and that brain imagery might detect something related to the learning part of this process. Fair enough. The results of the reported study might even be a little interesting for those involved with brains (rather that people). As for the rest of what is said here: sheer, self-promotional twaddle.

The things they say

For example:

Showing that it's possible to rewire a brain's white matter has important implications for treating reading disabilities and other developmental disorders, including autism

Marcel Just, one of the researchers

... an exciting new approach to be tested in the treatment of mental disorders, which increasingly appear to be due to problems in specific brain circuits.

Thomas Insel, Director of the National Institute of Mental Health (part-funder of the study)

How to make a difference?

In response to either of the above statatements, one has to ask how it is expected that knowing this will make a diffference to people. What was the only intevention involved reportord here? 'Intensive remedial reading programs'.

Isn't it so obvious what is happening, when you see people in other sectors biologising a human problem, and therefore turning their backs on its psycho-social essence and areas of potential solution? Try and stop yourself from doing the same in Conductive Education. People outside this field might recognise that you too are perpetrating twaddle.

Reminder again, if reminder be needed, of two simple formulae, so often applicable to Conductive Education 'research'.

research ≠ science

research x preconception = pseudoscience

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