Monday, 7 December 2009

Mystery solved

The furniture is, real, legit, and in Wales

I have to admit to being sometimes a little over-cautious. I cannot think what experiences in my life migh have left me on the constant alert for things not being all that they appear.

Earlier today I turned ny baleful eye to some spare 'Peto furniture' being offered on the Internet. I wondered whether this deal might not be altogether what it seemed:

Within a very short time, conductor Ben Foulger, whi is far more web-savvy than I, had tracked down the source of this advertisement.

The website is owned by someone called 'Colin Mock'  A quick search of that name in Google leads to Welsh Initiative for Conductive Education  which seems to be (or perhaps was) a CE centre in Wales set up by Colin and his wife.

So this looks legit, although his choice of domain name is poor as my initial reaction was the same as yours, Andrew, i.e. scam. Hope this helps. Ben

It certainly does!

The answer is indeed that this will be a kosher clearance. The story of Colin and Donna is one of the great, untold tales (no, sagas) of Conductive Education. I do hope that one day they will tell it.

The Welsh Initiative (also known sometimes as the Welsh Institute, and Coldon) was in Cardiff, where I guess that this stash of furniture is stored. I do hope that it finds its way into good hands.

Sorry if I seemed paranoid, Colin and Donna, but you fought so hard and long yourselves against parents' being cheated that I hope that you will understand. And be in touch.

As for the rest of us, what sharp reminder of:

  • how easy its is nowadays to check on things that look uncertain

  • how much better it is if you others help, and by extension

  • how unnecesary are so many of the wrong decisions made in Conductive Education taken for failing to follow that golden rule that we paranoid people live by: ALWAYS CHECK.
And isn't the Internet wonderful. Just a few hours, and everything sorted.

Ben's sources

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