Friday, 11 December 2009

New, inclusive group

Spina Bifida and Conductive Education
Welcome initiative should be worth watching

Since September more has been published on the Internet about spina bifida and Conductive Education, and that much more accessibly, than ever before.

Now conductor Kasey Grey has catalysed a Google Group that may serve to focus this diverse interest – and particularly bring together the concerns,insights and priorities of families and service-providers (particularly perhaps here, conductors):


The new group's manifesto is strongly inclusive, inviting active participation from service-users and service-providers. Membership is open to all and members may contribute in whatever language members chose.

The world of spina bifida is a small. Conductive Education had a bad start outside Hungary, interest being effectively snuffed out very early in the UK by the spina bifida establishment and never becoming a coherent issue elsewhere.

Now there is a chance for a second dawn. This nw site could contribute to this, but only as long as people actively use it to share what they know, and what they would like to happen.

Perhaps to draw a line under the old era, here is a short listing of some recent posting on spina bifida and Conductive Education from the CE blogosphere:

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