Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Public awareness of Condutive Education

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Marston, R, Fund for James reaches £5,000, Northants Evening Telegraph, 8 December


  1. Andrew, your link didn't take me straight to the article. Try this < http://bit.ly/7935Xr >

    Several possible responses. But postively, did you notice this near the end: "Doctors have described his progress as good but have recommended the Peto Institute as the place where he can get the treatment he needs to help him walk." Blink, and read again "doctors ... recommended ... Peto Institute".

    That is some progress! If only we knew who these doctors were and could thank them ... but really help them understand that they were so right but for the wrong reasons.

  2. Thanks, Norman, I have ammended the above posting accordingly.

    Yes indeed, several possible responses do indeed occur. As for the bit anbout the 'doctors', I think that it simply fits with my view of the whole scenario. Like you, I shall not get over-excited by it!