Friday, 25 December 2009

A rather British Christmas

BBC delivers Brits peace of mind


HMQ, those vowels,, 'the Commonwealth... young people... the future...', GStGQ on steel oil
drums (I kid you not):

Somehow reassuring.


 Dr Who. Totally inscrutable:

That's reassuring too.


British world-record attempt, 10 miles in OO (not HO, ugh!), downpour, Kraft öhne Technik (and gaulingly, the Germans witnessed the lot), total failure with three miles to go:

No further reassurance required. All's well in the world.

If you are not a Brit...

...then none of this will have meant a thing to you.

What could be more reassuring than that?

All times are GMT. Of course.

1 comment:

  1. What I loved were the interviews/soundbites from the young people of the Commonwealth (Malaysia, Sri Lanka, South Africa), and the bit where Prince Harry was with the Afghanis. And the Australian youth who spoke up.

    As for Doctor Who and Toiy Stories, yes Meccano does mean a bit to me.

    Except when they're BST in the summer.

    Probably most people watch other channels.