Monday, 18 January 2010

CE newsletters

Important new 'list' from Gill Maguire

Gill has produced the first edition of an invaluable resource, a listing of on-line newsletters from CE centres and programs around the world:

These are usually very much home-town, grass-roots publications, directed specifically to those directly involved. None the worse for that: on the contrary, such newsletters report the very stuff that this is all about, a potentially essential documentary base for the future history of Conductive Education.

Labour of love

As Gill remarks, time was that these newsletters appeared in paper form. I know that over the years she struggled (nagged!) valiantly to assembled a continuous and comprehensive collection of suich documents from around the world, and indeed probably created the best such collection anywhere. Some people were fantastic at keeping her up to date, others..., well!

Now the world have progressed to easy, on-line publishing. One-line newsletter, however, will no more collect themselves than did their paper predecessors. Gill's first bite at listing such publications has by my count collected seventeen. Most certainly there are some (many?) that she has yet to identify, in whatever language. Do please heed her plea to let her know of more.

At the very least, people who write such newsletters, or are considering writing one, will now have a handy source for learning from the experiences (and the mistakes) of others,

Yes, I know that such newsletters may fall a long way short of objective reality, not least in their emphasis upon good-news stories and their studied omission of the bad. Never mind, Thank you, Gill, if you don't do things like this, who will?

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