Monday, 25 January 2010

Conductors working in Germany

More than meets the eye

Gill Maguire is continuing publication of her lists of places where conductors work around the world. The latest country for her attention is Germany. You will find her listing at:

Gill has restricted her listing to services that are provided only by conductors. She has not included services provided by PTKs (therapists with add-on training), and conductors working in various private capacities are not identified. The list still includes centres or others services (all of which – I believe – are permanent provisions (i.e. not occasional camps as a listing of programs in the United States might include).

The list extends to thirty-two centres or other kinds of service, some rather small, some quite substantial. As everywhere, most of the practice is directed towards children with cerebral palsy. Those outside Germany may not be aware of the extent of conductors' practice in that country, where there is also a constituted conductors' association of some years' standing.

One hears many things about Conductive Education in Germany, and Conductive Education had experienced more academic-professional publication in German over recent years than it has in English. On the other hand, with one exception, there is virtually nothing to be learned first-hand of the considerable body of practice from the conductors active in Germany. Another of Conductive Education's forgotten armies: a pity: a lot is surely being missed.

If you detect any omissions or errors in Gill's list, please contact her direct:

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