Saturday, 9 January 2010

England: good-news story from Lancashire

Quo vadis, CE?

On the basis of reported examples from the United Kingdom and the United States, it has been remarked before in Conductive World that one successful strategy for Conductive Education's financial survival in the teeth of general economic stringency is through embedding itself in the attention and affection of local communities. The role of the local media and the personal emotional commitment involved have also been apparent.

A good-news, human, feel-good example comes this morning from a (local) newspaper in the North West of England:

It can be done and continues to be done. Conductive Education can survive in harsh times.

Colossal hard work. Perhaps some sucessful media-management. Reminder again that the world does not owe Conductive Education a living. This has to be fought for. All respect to Rainbow House and its community, and Jo Maudsley.

Quo vadis?

This does, though, raise wider questions:
  • Is this really a cardinal way forward for Conductive Education?
  • What about social policy?
  • What are the implications for the actual substance of Conductive Education of such an economic base?
Meanwhile, all respect for this achievement to Rainbow House and its community, and to Joe Maudesley. Conductive Education in Lancashire lives to fight another day.


Harvey, S. (2010) Rainbow House secures pot of gold, Chorley Guardian, 8 January

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