Sunday, 31 January 2010

Hungarian wood

Conductors, who needs ya, baby?

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Conductive Education Equipment
Conductive education kits that help children with motor disabilities improve their coordination and movement.

From a wooden-furniture advertisement, from the United States:


  1. What a shame, and a big disappointment, and so much to do with that last line of my comment about the five principles, that you follow such a brilliant blog with this sad advertisement.

    "Conductors, who needs ya, baby?", just my thoughts when I hear someone talk about those principles.

  2. Sorry, I don't invent the stuff, I don't even go looking for it. It swims into my gaze and I just report it.

    Maybe I shouldn't mention it at all, just let all the bad news go rushing by, unseen, unmentioned and unheeded.

    The Nelson touch: 'I see no signal'? I think not. More the proverbial ostrich, head in sand.

    There's a place in this world for wooden furniture and someone has to make and sell it. All fair and good. But perhaps the price here is just one more little nail in the coffin of people's understanding.

    Sorry to disappoint!


  3. PS I have just realised a little ambiguity in my previous comment.

    I was not referring to the prices (costs) in dollars, not inconsiderable though these be, but to the less tangible, but perhaps in the longer term the more significant price/cost of of the continuing fetishisation of wooden furniture to the popular and professional image of Conductive Education .


  4. I was not being disappointed in you personally Andrew.

    I was disappointed in the continuing ups and downs of the conductive world in general.

    With what seems like two steps forward and one back at least we get the feeling that we are still making ground.

    My comment was not meant as a criticism of what you report on your blog. Keep them coming.

    The furniture posting was rather interesting. The furniture was not the Hungarian wood that I am used to using. I have only ever used the original Petö furniture, not that it makes a jot of difference.

    I am just as happy working in homes with what is available for the family to use each and every day.