Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Reminder of popular magazine

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I have only just come upon September's issue of Cerebral Palsy Magazine. Glancing at the front cover my attention was drawn, as it is meant to be, by headlines for articles published inside.

I particularly noticed two of these:

     Ten things you never say to a person with CP
     Holistic nutrition improves brain function.

Just for a moment, I wondered what the other nine might be

Cerebral Palsy Magazine is, I think, unique, as an independent popular magazine, directed specifically toward those whose lives are touched by cerebral palsy.

It is a commercial publication, but that did not stop it offering its content free on line. Nowadays you buy back issues at US$7.00 a time, on CD. Search around amongst these and you will find a number of articles on Conductive Education, for children and for adults:

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