Saturday, 2 January 2010

A short text for the modern world

But it costs
(There's 'modern' for you!)

Granting the ever-present risk of hubris, here is something that I had not realised until today to be on line.

I would regard it as one of the relatively few published 'academic' articles worth including in an essential reading list for those seeking a contemporary understanding of Conductive Education. Up to date? Surely not, as it was published all of twenty years ago. Yes, sort of true, but its content does belong to the contemporary world, and no one has thought to advance the understanding of Conductive Education in such terms in the intervening years (if you who read this feel like doing so, then please, please do go ahead – please).

Pay to read

Unfortunately, the article was published in an academic journal, in days before there was any notion of publication on the net (and its all-too-often unrealised corollary, 'open access'). Yesterday Conductive World alluded to the academic-publishing complex. Here is just one tiny example. To open this article will cost you

Please disabuse yourself  (if disabusal all here be needed here) from any idea that the authors of this piece might see a penny of such a transaction. Any moneys paid will go to the shareholders of Routledge, a member of the Taylor & Francis Group.

So much for the values of 'science' and 'academe' as they are spoke.

But if you are building a personal or centre collection or library, of you are in a position to urge or require people to read, in order to help 'understand Conductive Education', then I do unashamedly recommend that you include this article in your list.


McGee, A.-M., Sutton, A (1989) Conductive Education and developmental psychology, Educational Psychology, vol.9, no 4 pp. 339 – 345

Sutton, A. (2009) The academic-publishing complex. For whose benefit? Conductive World, 1 January

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