Friday, 15 January 2010

UK: David Cameron on Conductive Education

Whatever next?

I am very sorry to admit that I have only just discovered this online television clip. It shows part of a political meeting in Northern Ireland, given by David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, more than possibly now the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom:

This clip opens with Mr Cameron's answering a question about Conductive Education. The focus of the question is a local issue. His answer is not.

Mr Cameron's multiply disabled son Ivan died last year. The United Kingdom is going to have as head of government someone who is what we in Conductive Education mean when we say 'a parent'. Somebody who knows. He will have plenty other calls upon his attention but it should at least be possible to have a conversation with him about Conductive Education.. See this video and judge for yourself:

(It is a pity that the video is flagged under the label 'Health'.)

The times they are achanging.

When Mr Cameron has finished answering the question on Conductive Education he is asked about eating disorders, then about care of the elderly. Stay with him, because a fourth question, on benefits, brings his attention back to disability. It is not the detail that is important, It is the attitude.

And if this sort of thing interests you, you might also consider something from today's news:

We live in unexpected times. What might not be possible?


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Curtiss, P. (2010) Tories plan £1m fund to help disabled people become MPs, Guardian, 14 January

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  1. Andrew,

    I just wanted to point out that the link to the Guardian article about the government plans for using one million pounds of their "efficiency savings" on funding to help disabled people take up public office, doesn't work.

    Try this one: