Thursday, 7 January 2010

What else do conductors do?

So much more than 1, 2, 3...
I recently received the following, in a letter from a former student:

I have set up an independent-travel training-project. I am currently writing a business plan for a borough to get this mainstreamed. Basically, this involves:
  • getting those capable individuals (with  physical+learning disabilities) who receive SEN transport, off it, and
  • giving opportunities to those who have no travel skills (mainly due to the wrapping up in cotton wool!).
All good fun, especially as I strangely appear to be an 'expert' in disability and the project has gone as far as CEO and councillors.

It would be very interesting to learn what else conductors are doing around the world, expressing the principles of their approach in fields of practice rather different from the 'classical'?

Being parents in their own right would be particularly interesting to know about. How does being a conductor affect bringing up one's own child?.

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  1. I heard this week from one of my clients that there are conductors working on the Disneyland Cruise with the children with special needs?