Sunday, 21 February 2010

Az 1% 2010-ben is fontos

Szábó Zsuzsa in appeal

A very short appeal video, called 'The 1% in 2010. It's important'.

This refers to voluntary disposal on one percent of personal taxation due over the coming year to a charitable cause of taxpayers' own choice.

'I would love to learn to walk alone', says the little girl.

Then a conductor-commentator takes up the story –

There are also adults who want to become independent. There are youngsters who study, so that as conductors they can help them achieve these goals. I am Pitti Katalin. Please give 1% to support the Pető Institute.

Katalin Pitti is an internationally known opera singer.

The adult who wants to become independent here is old friend to many around the world of Conductive Education, Szábó Zsuzsa