Saturday, 6 February 2010

Conductive Education awake!

Get up there with educational research

A leading education academic has warned against the growing trend of using evidence-based research to decide which classroom practice should or should not be sanctioned.

Martyn Hammersley, professor of education and social policy research at the Open University, claimed that relying on research to inform education policies would result in valuable teacher expertise being sidelined.

He said while there is a need for high-quality research, the type of extensive trials carried out in medicine - the model that some have called to be introduced in education - are expensive and not necessarily suitable in education.

Some experts have called on the education world to replicate healthcare's National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, a state-funded organisation that interrogates the efficacy of medical treatments and decides whether they the NHS should fund them...

...Professor Hammersley said research could have a valuable role as one of a number of factors to be taken into account when new policies are developed

Sound familiar?

Or would you rather be a therapy?


Ward, H. (2010) Teachers not researchers know best, advises academic. Professor warns policy-makers against reliance on medicine-style evidence and trials to decide what works in classrooms, Times Educational Supplement, 22 January

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