Monday, 15 February 2010

Here's something else from András Pető's day

I doubt that he knew it – but he knew it...
Do many know this now?

This plebby little ditty by Stanley Holloway is a happy pointer to the spirit that permeates András Pető's attitude to 'healing' (Heilung) as he expressed this in two published writings towards the end of his life (in the nineteen-sixties).

My word, you do look queer!

I should explain that in the British vernacular of the days in which this little doggerel was originally composed and recited, the word 'queer' meant 'poorly', 'off colour', 'ill' – or, as András Pető himself would have said at the time: krank!


Bärnklau, K. O. (1965) [pseudonym] Unfug der Krankheit. Hanau/Main: Verlag Karl Schustek

A word of explanation here too. Karl Otto Bärnklau was a pseudonym adopted by András Pető when publishing two (broadly similar) books in Germany in the nineteen-sixties. The books were published in German and their publication abroad by a Hungarian citizen at that time was possibly a criminal offence punishable by hard labour.

Europe is of course a very different place now. For reasons best known to those directly involved, ,however, this material is virtually unknown to most people concerned with what is now widely called 'Conductive Education', even in Hungary and the German-speaking lands.

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