Sunday, 7 February 2010

Lady Dior的DNA: 美丽和慈善

A handbag?

Last week the Chinese ezine NetEase Woman republished an old article from Elle, calling to mind some strange days for Conductive Education.

The article concerns Princess Diana and a Dior handbag. The relevant passage says something as follows:

It appeared in the media around the world. It accompanied her to a charity, the Foundation for Conductive Education Foundation in the British city of Birmingham. A little boy leaped, his arm around Diana's neck with both hands; Diana bent down from her height of over 1 meter 80 and hugged this little boy.... the little boy hugged his legs off the ground.

– (2010) Lady Dior's DNA, beautiful and charitable, NetEase Woman, 3 February

Jayne Fincher's photograph that this original article refers to is not included in the Chinese ezine feature. At one time it enjoyed considerable circulation but appears no longer to be on the Internet.

'A handbag?'

CE memorabilia news

Recently sold on eBay (for £16.00) is a large photograph of Princess Di, taken on October 1995 when the event described in Elle occurred, after she had opened the National Institute of Conductive Education.

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