Sunday, 21 February 2010

Mathematics resource for 'teacher-conductors'?

Available in English
Those who were trained as 'teacher-conductors' and work in English-speaking schools must miss all sorts of curricular materials. I have not myself come across the following before but teacher-conductors (and conductor-teachers) might wish to check it out if they do not already know it.


9th May 2005: Our thanks to Kaiya Williams who has sent in details of this amazing resource.  Maths Practice Books and Lesson Plans ' covers the whole years work for years 1 to 6 - scroll down the whole page' Note their disclaimer: 'The material is made available through the CIMT for downloading and dissemination for NON-PROFIT MAKING PURPOSES ONLY.'  Copymasters, practice books and lesson plans (175 lessons for each year from Year 1 to Year 6) - beautifully-constructed worksheets and nearly all the data accessible without "passwords" (their site says "passwords are not normally available to individuals who are not part of an educational institution"). Home-schooling parents should be able to make use of a huge percentage of this resource, however – it is quite the most comprehensive and practical guide to learning Maths we have ever seen on the Internet. This free resource has been created through a collaboration between the Pető Institute in Budapest, Hungary, and the Centre for Innovation in Mathematics Teaching at Exeter University, England.

More on the programmes:

Note the date! I have only just noticed this information. Does anyone have any experience of using these materials?

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