Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New academic neuro-rehabilitation journal

Something for FREE

Volume 1, issue 1 of Wiley's new Interdisciplinary Review: Cognitive Science is available FREE and open-access on line:

Of particular interest to Conductive Education is the review by Barbara Wilson that, though it specifically concerns brain injury, makes some generalisable, analytic points of potential interest for those who are interested in other conditions and even in other age-groups:

Wilson, B. A. (2009) Brain injury: recovery and rehabilitation, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Cognitive Science, vol. 1, no 1, pp. 108-118

Well worth printing off, reading, marking up and retaining.

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  1. And I would hold the interdiscplinary journal to higher standards than the one which covers one subject only.

    Some interesting material, for example episodic memory versus foresight, and gestural origins of language.

    Comparative cultural cognition is something.

    One I would encourage all to read: parents, teachers ...