Friday, 12 February 2010

A nice letter

It pays to say your piece

Professor Bernard Dan writes –

Dear Mr Sutton,

I was very interested by the comments that appeared on Conductive World after you posted information and comments relating to the forthcoming of the forthcoming of the European Academy of Childhood Disability in Brussels in May 2010.

I found most of these informative, some supportive and some raising important points that I hadn't appreciated well enough when preparing the programme. In particular, I take the point about the workshop on parenting by parents for parents".

As a result, we are rather working on partnership between parents and professionals. I will keep you updated.

With best wishes

Bernard Dan

If you want to be heard, speak

Over the years I have heard a lot from people in Conductive Education about how nobody takes any account of their views, and Heaven knows I have banged on enough on Conductive World about how people should do more to express their views and their experiences publicly.

Of course, if you do, you may find that nobody takes any notice. If you don't, however, you absolutely guarantee that nobody will.

Bernard Dan's letter demonstrates a third possibility: if you do, then somebody might.

So, thank you to usual suspects Norman Perrin and Susie Mallett for your telling comments three weeks ago, on Conductive World's posting on the annual conference of the European Academy of Childhood Disability coming up in Brussels in May.

And thank you to Bernard Dan for listening and responding.

Reduced fee on conference registration

This runs for just another couple of weeks, until 28 February::

Previous posting and comments on EACD conference

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