Wednesday, 24 February 2010

No, please don't say such things

(No names, no pack drill)

A Snapshot of Conductive Education:
  • One Conductor leads the class through a series of repetitive excercises
  • Use of special equipment (ladders, chairs, plinths, tabletops) to create the prescribed environment
  • Activities include teaching life skills and age appropriate academic and social lessons (i.e. potty training, snack time, music)
  • Classes are typically grouped by children's age and ability
Not so much a snapshot, more a distorting mirror.

Great seminar material, though. Depending on where you draw the boundaries, I scored seven errors. I am sure that people have no intention of contibuting to dissipating the reputation and the message of Conductive Education. Its not anybody's fault. Just a question of day-to-day priorities. When did you ever hear of such seminars?


1 comment:

  1. In fact:

    There is probably one or two conductors for each child.

    There are no exercises as such. There are tasks.

    While there may be special equipment, it does not create a prescribed environment.

    The life skills part sounds more "based on Conductive Education" than CE itself. More like a typical (pre)school setting.

    Do age-appropriate lessons run across the National Curriculum or desired goals?

    And the groups are organised some other way.