Thursday, 25 February 2010

Official investigation into CE

Norway did it differently

Yesterday's dip into the archive showed what happened when the French government established a commission to investigate Conductive Education, where it went and what happened.

This was not good news so, in the tradition of 'balance', here is a (rare) good news story about a report by a government commission that did it differently, and came up with a rather different outcome.

Sutton, A. (2000) Norwegians would, Conductive Chronicle, 9 May

Sutton, A. (2000) Norway: tension mounts, Conductive Chronicle, 19 May

Sutton, A. (2000) Norway: what a saga! Conductive Chronicle, 6 July

Sutton, A. (2001) The Norwegians will, Conductive Chronicle, 26 February

The above record is presented by means of of the Wayback Machine.

Note that the Norwegian system for providing for disabled children (habilitering) presents particular opportunities – and imposes particular limitations – for developing conductive services.

Norway today

Combination of the longest coastline in Europe (and therefore the lion's share of the oil and gas under the North Sea), a small population, high taxation, a very generous social-welfare system, and liberal and genuine policies on choice, has produced an exceedingly enviable environment for a nascent Conductive Education service.

The Norwegian national CE-provider is the Norsk Forum for Konduktiv Pedagogikk:

This website is in Norwegian but there is an on-site TRANSLATE button.

'Lofterød Report'

If you would like to read the report of the Commission, this is availableon line:

Lofterǿd, B. et al. (2000) Faglig vurdering av alternative treningsopplegg som Doman-metoden og ligende for barn med hjerneskadar rapport fra en arbeidsgruppe. Oslo, Statens Helsetilsyn.
(This responds well, into English, anyway, to Google Translate)

There is also on line somewhere an official English summary of the cnclusions and recommendations about Conductive Education on line somewhere but I cannot for the moment find this.

For comparison, here is a summary (in English) of the French Commission's report:

Sutton,A. (20010) L'éducation conductive: nul points, Conductive World, 24 February

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