Sunday, 28 February 2010

Proof of the pudding – the punters

Acid practical test, of everything
  • Q.  Who is Conductive Education for? Where does the buck stop? Whose benefit is ultimately the purpose and bedrock of everything in Conductive Education?
  • A.   Its service-users, customers, clients, beneficiaries – or, to use a British colloquialism, the punters – children adults, families, carers. The benefit of all other groups is at best seconary to this.
If something delivers the punters the goods, then it is good. If it does not... well, there may be all sorts of good reasons, but...

Even if it does deliver goods, but mainly or only to other groups, like conductors, centre-managers, researchers... well.

Thursday was Conductive Education Awareness Day in North America. Looking at the effects of this in terms of media coverage on the Internet Gill Maguire suggests that this might have been 'very disappointing':

Acid test

There are of course other possible outcome criteria and doubtless these will be used elsewhere in evaluating the Awareness Day experience. The acid test, however, must be what this Day will have achieved for the punters.

Yesterday the Ridding family from Oshawa, Ontario, posted the latest item on their family blog:

They had heard of Conductive Education through the oldest communication medium of them all, still probably the best: they heard it through the grapevine. TV coverage generated for the Awareness Day then served as back up.

I just found out about something called conductive education. It was through a post at the BabyCenter Spinabifida Kids group - I hadn't joined it before, but it has alot of the same moms as the spinabifida support forum. Anyways, two of the moms posted about their kids being involved in a conductive education center. They were on the news here is the link:

I looked into it and the March of Dimes in Toronto has a program. I have NO idea what it will cost (the Center in Michigan the news report is about has a 4 week program that costs $1200). But I thought it would be interesting to check out. And if it helps great! I'll talk to the SB clinic about it. They should have some more info.

Now (for a while only, one hopes) they are out there on their own and here will come the first acid test:

I'll talk to the SB [spina bifida] clinic about it. They should have some more info.

I am sure that the best wishes of all who read this posting will accompany the Riddngs to the SB clinic in their quest for information. Let us hope that the people at the SB clinic are more CE-aware now than they might have been a week ago and that, having read what they can find, the quality of their information will be what the Riddings need.

And if not...? Whose job is it, to do what?

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