Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Still the worst research ever?

Trawled up from 2000

Worst research ever?

This comes over as a cross between revivalism as they chant instructions, and Hitler's [sic] Youth as the conductors deliver orders.

Bridge, G. (1999) Parents as care managers: the experiences of those caring for young children with cerebral palsy. Aldershot: Ashgate, ISBN 1 84014 973 6

This prejudicial account of Conductive Education was taken from the old Conductive Education Chronicle, and was trawled up along with other gems whilst looking for something else. The question raised in the headline seemed fair then, and perhaps still stands!

Reviewing this book for the medical journal Family Practice, Maggie Somerset wrote:

... thought-provoking are the accounts of seeking therapy in specialist centres abroad, only to find that the methods used in other cultures may conflict with the gentle approach that many parents regard as central to their child's care.

The book itself is available for purchase on the Internet, from book services in the UK, the US and Germany. It is also available on line to rent, and through at least one parents' resource library in the UK:.

Perhaps people now forget the enormous antipathy that Conductive Education has evoked. Perhaps that still stands too.

Gillian Bridge has retired


Sutton, A. (2000) The worst research ever? Conductive Chronicle, 20 December

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