Thursday, 4 February 2010

Very early screening

Screening initiative in San Francisco

Conductive Education
February 2, 2010.  I am a specialist in screening infants to detect even the slightest signs of motor coordination difficulties; and I am also an expert in training parents to maximally assist the development of their children. The approach that I use, Conductive Education (CE), is new in the U.S. and is highly effective. I wish to introduce this approach and my services – which can really change people's lives – in the San Francisco Bay Area. As preemies are some of the infants most at risk, my main goal is in working with them; however, I am also interested in working with young children under the age of four. Is anybody aware of an organization that would welcome Conductive Education in the Bay Area?

Nothing new here as far as Conductive Education and preemies are concerned – and possibly nothing new within the international CE movement – what is new is this way of introducing and marketing conductive services.

The initiative comes from conductor Krisztina Abonyi Bernstein who has created Conductiva Comprehensive Conductive Education Services in San Francisco:

Her detailed conductor-written website makes an interesting and instructive change from the usual in this sector:

Perhaps it is time for a review of the very few conductor-written sites on the Internet, as a possible step towards establishing an identity for the still relatively few conductor-run consultancy programs around the world..

Terminological note

Preemies. Predominantly North American term for premature babies

More on Conductiva

Conductiva is holding a Parents' Awareness Night on Tuesday, 19 January:


  1. it does seem as though the number of conductors with websites advertising their services is growing. I will have a look at this trend and compile a list if possible.

  2. Thanks Gill, that will be a real service... and perhaps a source of inspiration to other conductors interested in doing the same.


  3. I have a page for CE Consultancies on the Conductive Web. Maybe we should think about expanding that resource with your lists Gill?

    The 'conductive' website does not have an RSS feed so I cannot link into it. Might someone at Conductiva look into that if they happen to read this?