Monday, 1 March 2010

Anton Makarenko and conductive pedagogy

An appeal for your help

This interesting blog posting has set me off thinking about another of those rarely-if-ever mentioned questions in Conductive Education:

I am currently writing a response to this posting. To help me do so, I should be very grateful for some information, from conductors both young and old, or from any non-conductors with relevant knowledge.

Younger conductors (or student-conductors), please educate me...
  • Is Makarenko still taught as a subject in conductor-training at the PAI or other conductor-training courses?
  • I ask conductors who trained or are training at the PAI: what is Makarenko's status in modern Hungarian pedagogy generally?
  • And I aslo ask them, if Makarenko's pedagogy does not feature large in modern Hungarian conductor-training, what pedagogies have come in to fill the space?
  • I ask conductors who were trained wholly or partly elsewhere, outside Hungary: what part have Makarenko and this ideas taken in your professional preparation, and what do you think on this matter.
I would ask the earlier generation of conductors, especially those who are now working 'internationally'...
  • How relevant is Makarenko's nevelés, his vospitanie (воспитание) to CE around the world today?
And to non-conductors, for example those who use conductive services, or center-managers and researchers, I would ask...
  • Does the name of Makarenko mean anything to you at all.  If not, then do please say so.
Answers, in your preferred language, to:

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