Thursday, 18 March 2010

Awareness ++

A small step for Jennifer...

Jennifer Quincey's recent blog posting reported yesterday on Conductive World, was good news in two respects:
  • its content positioned CE very firmly in what – in the United States of all places – should be its proper home (with not a word about therapy muscles etc. to consign it to the lunatic fringe)
  • where it appeared.
Where it appeared was in a mainstream professional-awareness publication for young special educators ('mainstream' her in it wider, non-educational sense). So [placed, it not only gets immediate distribution but the vehicle for this distribution attracts plausibility.

And now for a step up in gear

Today, I have been alerted that Jennifer's blog posting was syndicated in Special Education Today, a daily on-line current-awareness service for the whole of special education in the United States → wider distribution, greater plausibility.

Jennifer and ConductAbility have taken one small step, but a very big step for Conductive Education..

I should of course add that the tone and style of this article well match its content to the contexts in which it has appeared, and to an audience of special educators..


Quincey, J. (2010) Jennifer: Good Bet, Special Education Today, 16 March

Sutton. A (2010) All Change, Conductive World, 17 March


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