Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Gill's lists

As good as you help her make them
  • Conductive Education centres worldwide, countries A-C 2009
  • Conductive Education centres in Germany 2010
  • Conductive Education centres in the UK 2010
  • Conductive Education centres in the US 2010
  • Conductors with consultancies 2010
  • Conductive Education on-line newsletters 2010
Gill Maguire's international lists of centres, programs, schools, consultancies and other place at which conductors work is a unique facility within the world of Conductive Education.

At the very least, such lists are a good starting point for those who would like to break into the world of Conductive Education from the outside, and start networking.

Her listings are still less than complete. She still has certain counties not yet covered at all (not leas Hungary) and she has just had to do a New Year's update of addresses and other contact details in the 'big three' countries of Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Nothing stays still for long on Conductive Education. New facilities are born, while others fade away.

The only way in which Gill can keep these lists in any way comprehensive and up to date is if people write in tell her about services that she ought to include, correct existing entries and notify her of new services now here or promised. It doesn't take long to keep your centre on the map – and who know what chances might be missed if you are not there.

Write with corrections, amendments, omissions and suggestions to:

Conductive Education Information

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