Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Give me a squadron of Donnies and Vikkis

 As Adolf Galland might have said *

Who saith the struggle naught availeth? The darkest hour is just before the dawn!

Do you lack confidence in the ability of conductive parents and conductors to stand up shoulder to shoulder, identify an essential if unpalatable point and fight for what is right, sticking their necks out, and unstoppably, cannily and successfully arguing their point?

Oh, ye of little faith. Take inspiration from the sterling example of Donnie Bernard and Vikki Szolnoki.

And do thou likewise.

Reference and footnote

Brainard, D., Szolnoki, V. (2010) Contributions to 'Stem cell and other therapies', Exceptional Famiies TV (discussion forum), 18 February – 5 March

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