Saturday, 13 March 2010

I am looking for an aerosan

Not a real one, a card kit

I am also looking for a brief break from Conductive Education!

I am looking for a card kit of a Soviet military aerosan (боевые аэросани). These kits were published a few years ago, in the Czech Republic or in Poland, to that awkward Continental card-kit scale of 1:25. Production has now ceased and they are as rare as hens' teeth. In the UK, the excellent Marcle's Models can obtain the most amazing things but is unable to find me one of these.

I am looking for an unmade example (NB 1:25, not 1:35) but a photocopy or PDF might be acceptable at a pinch .

I consider it highly unlikely that any amongst the readership of Conductive World has access to one of these (though one never knows – there is always a chance). Here is is one thing from the twentieth-century history of Eastern Europe that I challenge anyone to tie in with Conductive Education (that is part of its charm so, please, no one find a link!).

Taking a liberty, and slinging the bat

Except... this does serve as a little test for how far and how quickly search engines and alerts can put people in touch with what they want. This will serve as my test, as I don't at the moment feel that I want anything CE-related.. Apologies for butting into current preoccupations with this personal matter, but Conductive World is my only only public website.

So, just to extend the test a little further, and give the search engines and the world out there sa little more to chew upon, here is my request again, variously put:

Я ищу боевые аэросани,, картоннyю моделю – масштаба 1:25

Ich suche ein Aerosan, Modellbau – Maßstab 1:25

Keresek egy kis aerosanot – egy karton modellet – skála 1:25

(I'm less sure about the last one, funny language)

Thank you for your indulgence.



Marcle's Models


Back tomorrow
I shall doubtless be back upon the CE treadmill tomorrow. In the meantime, do please continue talking amongst yourselves.

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